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21 June 2024

UCAB news


Ukraine has been placed into international comparison of Cash Crop producers within agri benchmark project

Ukrainian Agribusiness Club is participating in an international network of agricultural economists, called agri benchmark Cash Crop. The key idea of this project is benchmarking of arable farming systems worldwide. The annually published Cash Crop Report has just been released and reflects the whole scope of the agri benchmark outcome.



The conference "Doing agribusiness in Ukraine: prospects for 2010" will take place on the tenth of December

The conference "Doing agribusiness in Ukraine: prospects for 2010" to be held on the 10th of December in Kyiv. This was announced by organizers – Association "Ukrainian Agribusiness Club" (UCAB).



Ukrainian agricultural output falls down

The only branch of Ukrainian economy – agriculture that since starting of crisis had shown increase in gross product, gave up last month.



Oil crops will be the main source of profit for Ukrainian farmers it the next season

The main indicator of global oil crops prices – Chicago Board of Trade brings positive signals for Ukrainian farmers.We observe four weeks soybeans price running.



Agricultural management practices of the United States are to serve to Ukrainian colleagues

As we mentioned earlier, Ukrainian Agribusiness Club (UCAB) in cooperation with its foreign partners launched a project of economical comparison analyses in Ukrainian agriculture for the first time in the post Soviet space. Developing well this project, UCAB and its American and German partners arranged a training session for one of UCAB’s experts – Andriy Tovstopyat to hold a contrast analysis of farm management in Ukraine and the United States.



Ukrmilkinvest is realizing their project of productivity raising in the field of dairy farming

Ukrmilkinvest has commenced an accomplishment of the first base in the project, aimed at improvement of productivity in their dairy farming, and which in its turn stipulates, among other measures, evaluation of the prime cost...

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