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20 April 2024

News and press releases


Ucab Ukrainian farmers look forward to the final approval of the ATMs rollover, as the adopted safeguards undercut Ukraine’s ability to support itself

The Ukrainian farmers and agriproducers, represented by UCAB (Ukrainian Agribusiness Club), take note of today’s vote in the European Parliament Committee on International Trade (INTA) regarding a fresh compromise on the ATMs rollover for Ukraine. We hope that the vote paves the way for the speedy adoption of the draft regulation at the European Parliament plenary session and the EU Council without further undue delays.



Ukrainian farmers are concerned with prolonged debate around EU trade preferences rollover for Ukraine and the slide toward protectionism

The Ukrainian Agribusiness Club (UCAB) members are concerned with continuing tortuous discussions among the Member States regarding safeguard measures which would be applied to the key elements of the Ukrainian agricultural exports to Europe.



Ucab 5 Myths about the Ukrainian Agriculture

Ukrainian Agribusiness Club together with UCABevent agency organized an online discussion “5 Myths about the Ukrainian Agriculture” on the 21th of March during which speakers tried to dispel the most common myths attributed to the Ukrainian agriculture by politicians, protesters and media in Europe.




Ucab Ukrainian farmers welcome a compromise proposal on extending EU trade preferences to Ukraine

The Ukrainian farmers and agriproducers, members of UCAB welcome a compromise proposal on extending EU trade preferences for Ukraine, reached yesterday evening at the trialogue consultations and confirmed today at the European Parliament INTA Committee. It is high time for the Member States to heed the opinion of the European Parliament and accept the compromise proposal.



Ucab UCAB, together with European agricultural associations, call on the European Parliament to reconsider the amendments on suspension of import duties and quotas

UCAB and leading European agricultural associations respectfully suggest reconsideration of the proposed amendments by the European Parliament about suspending import duties and quotas on Ukrainian agricultural exports to the EU, that were voted on 13th of March 2024.



Ucab Trade liberalisation with the EU is critical for Ukraine's survival and deterring the enemy, - UСAB

This week in Brussels is significant for Ukraine: there will be a new round of discussions regarding EU Regulation on autonomous trade measures (ATM) for Ukraine. Proposed amendments to the Regulation can worsen the economic, financial and social spheres of Ukraine and significantly affect the deterrence of russian aggression.





Results of agrarian opinion pulling on key aspects in the selection of spare parts

Your attention is paid to the results of the survey of agrarian opinion pulling about the market of spare parts. In March 2018, UCAB team of analysts conducted a survey of 100 Ukrainian agrarians on the main aspects that they pay attention to when selecting spare parts for agricultural machinery.



UCAB Metrics 2018: Seeds, Plant production products and Fertilizers. Demo

The main purpose of research «UCAB Metrics 2018: Seeds, Plant production products and Fertilizer» is assessment of consumption structure and trends in demand for seeds, plant production products and fertilizers for 6 main crops: wheat, maize, barley, sunflower, soybean and rapeseed. This study is based on the results of the survey conducted among agricultural enterprises - the total sample of 112 respondents. In addition, the study contains the section «Choice of suppliers».



Niche agricultural production direction: chickpea

The Association "Ukrainian Agribusiness Club" continues a series of researches of promising niche agrarian markets. This publication presents the analysis of the chickpea market.

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