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01 June 2016



Ucab Market demonstrates chocolate & candies production descent

Based on data of the State Service of Statistics of Ukraine, during first four months of 2016 production of chocolate and candies has decreased by 9% comparing to the same period in 2015. This is a result of considerable price increase of this product type and revision of consumption budget by the customers.



Ucab Ukrainian import of butter has shown 5X growth

Based on the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, internal traders have imported 5X larger volumes of butter during Jan-Apr 2016 comparing to the same period in 2015. The overall volume of imported butter in 2016 reached 617 tons (120 tons in 2015). 2016 butter import accounts for 2 M USD which is 3.7X higher than in 2015.



Ucab Poultry meat and offals’ export in 2016 has increased by 45%

Due to information published by the SFS of Ukraine comparing to the same period of Jan-Apr in 2015, volume of trade of these products has accounted in 66.6k tons (+20.7k tons extra). Mentioned volumes exported valued with 19.2M USD growth and reached 82M USD.



Ucab Ukraine’s jam & confiture export has doubled

According to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine information, during Jan-Mar 2016 Ukrainian pro-ducers have exported 904 tons of jam, confiture, jelly and marmalade. Value of mentioned volumes reached 540k USD, +195k USD extra comparing to the same period in 2015.



Ucab Pork meat export has shown 7X decline

According to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine information, pork meat export has de-clined in 7 times (-85%) comparing to the Jan-Apr time period in 2015 and reached in 2016 some 1.1 k tons, accounted in 1.6M USD (8.5X less than previous year).



Ucab Processed tomatoes’ export has demonstrated 3X growth

In accordance with the State Fiscal Service Ukraine data, canned and cooked tomatoes export in Jan-Apr 2016 has increased in three times, comparing to the same period in 2015. Trade volume of this product’s type reached 18.6 k tons accounting 17.6 M USD.


Press - releases


Ucab Agro entities pay enough fuel excises to have high quality roads in rural area

The Association “Ukrainian Agribusiness Club” experts’ team has found that agro entities contribute to the state budget more than 1/3 of all excises on fuel. Along with, rural roads’ net condition is not criticizable in the line with inefficient maintenance. This is a result of long term incompetent financial management in the government.



Ucab Which reforms needed for agro education?

Round table “Agro education – business expectations” organized by the Association “Ukrain-ian Agribusiness Club”, agency AgriEvent, Federation of agro industry employers and “Agroosvita” held on May 19, 2016. Business, government, NGOs and related entities’ repre-sentatives have discussed current issues and perspectives of agro education, its compliance with most recent practical urgencies and business willingness to participate in education de-velopment.



Ucab Agro business – who pays taxes

“Ukrainian Club of Agricultural Business” Association experts have estimated 6.1 B UAH of taxes paid by agricultural entities to local budgets. Along with, nearly 7 M ha managed in “black” market framework and thus, Ukrainian budgets have lost around 2 B UAH (1/3 of paid taxes in 2015) on different administrative levels. Experts estimate potential tax cash inflow from agricultural business activities in 3.6 B UAH after legalization steps adoption in 2016.



Ucab 44% – 1Q16 “Extra Class” milk output growth

Production volumes of “Extra Class” milk increased 1.44x in 1Q16 (+25.4k tons) comparing to 1Q15. “Extra Class” milk share has surged in total output volumes from 10% in 1Q15 to 14% in 1Q16 (82.8k tons).


Analytical information

During the corresponding week (02.10-09.10.2015) a sideward price trend was observed on the domestic market of wheat. Thus, the price for food and feed wheat in UAH equivalent remained at the level of...



“Agrobarometer” is an annual study of economic potential and development perspectives of the agricultural sector in Ukraine. The study involves a survey of agricultural producers from all oblasts cond...

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