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27 February 2017

News and press releases


Soybean becomes one of the top three crops in 2016

According to the survey of Ahrobarometr conducted under the exhibition ‘Grain Technologies 2017’by the experts of Association ‘Ukrainian Agribusiness Club’, profitability of soybean significantly increased in Ukraine.



Ukraine ranks sixth in the world in export of wheat

Following the results of 2016 the yield of wheat in Ukraine totaled 4.2 t/ha that is more by 9% than indices in the previous year, whereas the result takes only 25th place in the world. The best performance indices belong to the most European countries, China, Mexico and Egypt. New Zealand showed the largest wheat yield - 9.09 t/ha. At the same time, Ukraine is the sixth largest exporter of wheat in the world and ranks the 9th place in terms of production output. The share of wheat in production of agricultural products in our country is 13%.



Success of greenhouse sector will depend on involvement of new technologies

On 21 February the VI Dutch-Ukrainian Greenhouse Industry Forum was held within the business program of the industrial fair of equipment and technologies for greenhouse industry ‘Greenhouse – 2017’




Oleksandr Zhemoyda – Adoption of Procedure still does not mean a renewal of certification

Adoption of Procedure still does not mean a renewal of certification. This Procedure should be applied by the state enterprise ‘State Center for Certification and Expertise of Agricultural Products’. Oleksandr Zhemoyda, Executive Director of the Association ‘Ukrainian Agribusiness Club’, noted it in the comments at



Ukraine reduced import of garlic by half

In 2016 Ukraine imported 3.2 thous. tons of garlic that is 50% less compared to 2015 and is the lowest index for the last 8 years. The main supplier of this product to Ukraine is China whose share in the total structure ranges from 86 to 100% depending on the year. China is the largest player on the global market of garlic. Its share is 80% in the structure of world export.



The British shared their experience in agribusiness carrying out

On February 16, 2017 the III British-Ukrainian Agribusiness Forum ‘Agribusiness in Future: Investments in Profitability’ took place under the VII International Exhibition ‘Grain Technology’. The event was organized by the British Embassy in Ukraine together with the Association ‘Ukrainian Agribusiness Club’ and Baker Tilly Company.





Overview of agricultural products imported from the EU countries in January 2017 within the framework of Ukraine - EU FTA.

According to the State Fiscal Service, over January 2017 comparing to the same period in 2016, 53.6 % increase of export of agricultural products is observed amounting up to USD 1.4 billion as well as 16% increase of import amounting up to USD 0.3 billion.



World prices for soybean reduced

Decrease of market price for soybean was stipulated by the beginning of harvesting in Brazil. USDA production forecasts for 2016/2017 were increased up to 104 mln. tons that is 7.5 mln. tons more than the previous marketing year. For more detailed information about trends and prices on the soybean market, please refer to the weekly overview of grain crops and oilseeds at UCAB website, section ‘Analytical information’, subsection ‘Crop production’.



Review of grain crops and oilseeds markets over 20-27 January 2017

Worsening of trade relations between the USA and Mexico can lead to the fall of world prices for corn. Mexico is the main consumer of the American corn and consumes more than 12 mln. tons per year. For more detailed information about prices on the market, please refer to the weekly overview of grain crops and oilseeds at UCAB website, section ‘Analytical information’, subsection ‘Crop production’.

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