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14 April 2024


Ucab Ukrainian farmers look forward to the final approval of the ATMs rollover, as the adopted safeguards undercut Ukraine’s ability to support itself

The Ukrainian farmers and agriproducers, represented by UCAB (Ukrainian Agribusiness Club), take note of today’s vote in the European Parliament Committee on International Trade (INTA) regarding a fresh compromise on the ATMs rollover for Ukraine. We hope that the vote paves the way for the speedy adoption of the draft regulation at the European Parliament plenary session and the EU Council without further undue delays.



Ukrainian farmers are concerned with prolonged debate around EU trade preferences rollover for Ukraine and the slide toward protectionism

The Ukrainian Agribusiness Club (UCAB) members are concerned with continuing tortuous discussions among the Member States regarding safeguard measures which would be applied to the key elements of the Ukrainian agricultural exports to Europe.



Ucab 5 Myths about the Ukrainian Agriculture

Ukrainian Agribusiness Club together with UCABevent agency organized an online discussion “5 Myths about the Ukrainian Agriculture” on the 21th of March during which speakers tried to dispel the most common myths attributed to the Ukrainian agriculture by politicians, protesters and media in Europe.



Ucab Ukrainian farmers welcome a compromise proposal on extending EU trade preferences to Ukraine

The Ukrainian farmers and agriproducers, members of UCAB welcome a compromise proposal on extending EU trade preferences for Ukraine, reached yesterday evening at the trialogue consultations and confirmed today at the European Parliament INTA Committee. It is high time for the Member States to heed the opinion of the European Parliament and accept the compromise proposal.



Ucab UCAB, together with European agricultural associations, call on the European Parliament to reconsider the amendments on suspension of import duties and quotas

UCAB and leading European agricultural associations respectfully suggest reconsideration of the proposed amendments by the European Parliament about suspending import duties and quotas on Ukrainian agricultural exports to the EU, that were voted on 13th of March 2024.



Ucab Trade liberalisation with the EU is critical for Ukraine's survival and deterring the enemy, - UСAB

This week in Brussels is significant for Ukraine: there will be a new round of discussions regarding EU Regulation on autonomous trade measures (ATM) for Ukraine. Proposed amendments to the Regulation can worsen the economic, financial and social spheres of Ukraine and significantly affect the deterrence of russian aggression.



Ucab Failure of the European Parliament to approve swift rollover of trade support to Ukraine may turn into a tragic mistake. It can still be averted

“The failure of the European Parliament to approve today in Strasbourg the Commission proposal for a rollover of EU autonomous trade measures (ATMs) for Ukraine may mean only one thing – further delays of this crucial element of the EU economic support for Ukraine, while giving in to politically-motivated demands to deny access to the EU market for Ukrainian farmers, a key source of the country’s export revenues”, – said Alex Lissitsa, President of UCAB.



Ucab Ukrainian farmers are grateful to the European Parliament for a strong signal of support

UCAB welcomes the vote in the European Parliament international trade (INTA) committee taken today in Brussels to support the proposal of the European Commission to extend for another year the existing EU additional trade preferences for Ukraine.



Ucab Ukrainian farmers extremely concerned by EP AGRI Committee’s opinion on ATMs: if adopted, it will deny EU market access to Ukrainian exports

UCAB (Ukrainian Agribusiness Club) is extremely concerned with the Opinion of the European Parliament AGRI Committee, which was voted on February 26. The AGRI Committee’s opinion pushes for drastic limitations to the proposed roll-over of the EU autonomous trade preferences (ATMs) to Ukraine for 2024-2025.



Ucab EU - Ukraine relations in agriculture: stormy weather ahead?

Ukrainian Agribusiness Club together with UCABevent agency organized an online discussion “EU - Ukraine relations in agriculture: stormy weather ahead?” on the 23-th of February during which speakers shared their thoughts about the situation on the ground with Ukrainian agrifood exports to the EU countries, impact on Ukraine and the EU markets as well as the necessity to preserve existing EU trade preferences for Ukraine.



Ukrainian farmers appeal to Members of European Parliament: Your vote will be decisive for the economic fate of Ukraine

Your vote can be decisive for the economic fate of Ukraine in this crucial year, - this is the message the Ukrainian farmers and agricultural producers associations, UCAB, sent yesterday to the members of the European Parliament trade committee. The message comes ahead of the committee’s vote on March 7 on the Commission’s proposal to extend autonomous trade preferences to Ukraine for another year, but with a set of safeguard measures on products deemed sensitive for European agricultural associations, such as poultry, eggs and sugar.



Ukrainian farmers call on the EU to preserve free trade for the sake of Ukraine's future

Association “Ukrainian Agribusiness Club” (UCAB) welcomed the historic decision of the European Council from 1 February, when all 27 EU member states gave the green light to the Ukraine Facility. This financial lifeline support tool from the EU gives Ukraine the much-needed confidence in its financial stability and ability to continue the fight for its independence and common European values against Russian aggression.



UCAB condemns the radical actions of protesters on the Polish border and demands that the offenders be brought to justice

Association “Ukrainian Agribusiness Club” shares the anger of the Ukrainian agricultural community regarding the cynical destruction of Ukrainian grain by protesters on the Polish border and calls for an immediate stop to such radical actions.



Leading Ukrainian agro-associations call on the European agricultural community for an open dialogue

UCAB, together with leading agricultural associations led by the Ukrainian National Agrarian Forum, are asking COPA COGECA, a leading voice of European agriculture, to maintain a dialogue with Ukrainian colleagues on issues of agricultural trade rather than to lobby the Commission to block imports in key Ukrainian agri-food products.



UCAB signed a Memorandum of Cooperation with the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers of Poland

The Ukrainian Agribusiness Club and the Union of Entrepreneurs and Employers of Poland (ZPP) signed a Memorandum of Cooperation.



Ucab Agriculture in wartime: the second year of struggle for survival

The revival of agriculture in the conditions of war is an extremely challenging task for Ukrainian farmers. Rather positive, at first side, indicators of 2023 actually entail significant financial losses due to the low price of grain and oilseeds in the domestic market, restricted and complicated export. Production of most grain and oil crops is unprofitable. And unless some changes are implemented, indicators of the next year are unlikely to be positive.



UCAB joined the visit to France and Germany of the Ukrainian delegation on European integration to establish dialogue and partnership with think tanks

From October 30 to November 2 the Head of the European Integration Committee UCAB Oleksandra Avramenko took part in an advocacy visit to Paris and Berlin together with representatives of the Ukrainian Centre for European Policy, Foreign Policy Council "Ukrainian Prism", Centre of Policy and Legal Reform and the International and EU Sanctions Platform.



AGCO and UCAB Prioritize Recovery at International Conference in Brussels “Fields of Change: Charting the Path of Ukrainian Agriculture”

Brussels, Belgium – On October 5, 2023, the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club and AGCO Corporation held the first international Ukrainian agricultural conference "Fields of Change: Charting the Path of Ukrainian Agriculture" in Brussels. More than 120 participants, including key Ukrainian and EU policymakers, agribusiness leaders and representatives of financial institutions attended. They shared experiences and discussed support for Ukraine, particularly about agriculture recovery and future directions on its path to EU integration.



EU office of Ukrainian agribusiness starts operations in Brussels

Ukraine’s agricultural sector has established its permanent presence before European institutions in Brussels. As of today, October 2, the EU office of the Ukrainian Agribusiness Club (UCAB), a business association representing leading Ukrainian agricultural companies, becomes officially operational in the European Union's capital. The office will be led by Nazar Bobitski, a former Ukrainian diplomat and experienced expert on EU trade policy and regulation.



The agricultural community calls on the European Union to introduce subsidies for transportation of Ukrainian agriproducts to EU ports

UCAB, together with the leading agrarian associations that are members of the Public Union "Ukrainian National Agrarian Forum" – Public Union "Agrarian Union of Ukraine", Public Union “Ukrainian Agrarian Council”, Association “Poultry Union of Ukraine” appealed to Executive Vice President, Commissioner for Trade European Commission Valdis Dombrovskis with a request to support the initiative of introducing subsidies from the European Commission for transportation of Ukrainian agricultural products to the ports of Baltic countries, Germany, Netherlands, Croatia, Italy and Slovenia.



Terrorist country russia purposefully began to attack the port infrastructure of Odessa

For the second night in a row after withdrawing from the Black Sea Grain Initiative, the russian federation is launching massive attacks on the port infrastructure of Odessa and the region. Such actions of a terrorist country once again violate international humanitarian law, threatening millions of people in the world with starvation.



The agricultural community addressed to the Government with proposals to support the agricultural sector of Ukraine

UCAB, together with the leading agrarian associations that are members of the Public Union "Ukrainian National Agrarian Forum" – Public Union "Agrarian Union of Ukraine", Public Union “Ukrainian Agrarian Council”, Association “Poultry Union of Ukraine” appealed to the Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal with a request to resolve the critical situation with the export of Ukrainian agri-food products, as well as to take a number of measures to support the agricultural sector.



UCAB insists on the inadmissibility of a ban on Ukrainian imports of agricultural products to some EU countries

UCAB categorically does not support the continuation of restrictive measures on the import of wheat, corn, rapeseed and sunflower seeds from Ukraine to Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria, since such actions are discriminatory and unreasonable in relation to Ukrainian agricultural products, and can negatively affect the economic recovery of Ukrainian farmers during the war.



The agricultural community calls on the EU to resolve misunderstandings over the situation with Ukrainian agri-food exports

UCAB, together with 23 leading agricultural associations of Ukraine, appealed to Head of the Delegation of the EU to Ukraine Matti Maasikas with a request to facilitate the urgent unblocking of Ukrainian agri-food exports and the removal of obstacles to the imports to the EU and the transit of agricultural products from Ukraine under the Regulation (EU) 2023/903 of May 2, 2023.



Michael Wolf: “Developing profitable, effective and promising concepts from individual tasks is the challenge of our time”

Franz Ruberg & Co GmbH, an international company for the construction of mills, plants and silos, recently joined the association Ukrainian Agribusiness Club. In a personal interview, the managing director of Franz Ruberg & Co GmbH, Michael Wolf, spoke about the competitive advantages of the products and services offered by the company, and also emphasized the importance of using modern technologies in agricultural equipment.



Ukrainian agrarians call on European colleagues to lift tough unilateral restrictions on trade and jointly find a compromise solution

This is stated in an open appeal of Ukrainian Agribusiness Club and leading public associations of the agro-food sector of Ukraine. Nongovernmental Organizations and Unions of Producers of the Ukraine AgriFood sector is highly concerned about the situation that has developed with the ban on the import/transit of Ukrainian food to certain EU countries.



Ukrainian agriculture on the way to the EU

Ukrainian Agribusiness Club together with UCABevent agency organized the webinar “Ukrainian agriculture on the way to the EU” on the 15-th of March during which speakers shared their thoughts about main opportunities and of challenges integration of the Ukrainian agricultural sector into the European.



Business Calls on the Black Sea Grain Initiative Parties – UN and Turkey – to Facilitate its Stable Operation, Prolongation and Expansion and Ensure Free Commercial Navigation in the Black Sea Region

The business community, united by Association "Ukrainian Agribusiness Club", AmCham Ukraine and European Business Association calls on the Black Sea Grain Initiative parties – United Nations (UN) and Turkey – to facilitate the stable operation, prolongation, and expansion of the Black Sea Grain Initiative (the Initiative) and ensure free commercial navigation in the Black Sea Region.



Ukrainian Agribusiness Club Calls on the United Nations to Stabilize, Extend and Expand the Black Sea Grain Initiative

687 vessels have exported 19 million tons of agricultural products to Africa, Asia, and the European Union from 3 Black Sea ports – Pivdenny, Chornomorsk, and Odesa – over the past 6 months. However, Ukrainian ports are now being forced to work at half of their capacity. The volume of the fleet entering the ports for loading has decreased, and the volume of exports has reduced by 3 million tons per month. The reason is the purposeful sabotage of inspections of ships on the Bosphorus by the Russian side.



Ukrainian Agribusiness ask EU Community for extension the preferential trade conditions between Ukraine and the EU

Association "Ukrainian Agribusiness Club" together with member organizations of the Ukrainian National Agrarian Forum (UNAF) appeals to the EU Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development, EU Agriculture and Fisheries Council and Copa-Cogeca members organizations with a request to extend the preferential trade conditions between Ukraine and the EU at least till the end of 2024.

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