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12 July 2024

Press releases


Ucab Ukrainian Agriculture and the European Green Deal

Ukrainian Agribusiness Club together with UCABevent agency organized an online discussion “Ukrainian Agriculture and the European Green Deal” on the 21th of May during which speakers discussed how the Ukrainian agricultural sector, alongside European farmers and producers, handles the challenges of the impact of the European Green Deal on agriculture.



Ucab 5 Myths about the Ukrainian Agriculture

Ukrainian Agribusiness Club together with UCABevent agency organized an online discussion “5 Myths about the Ukrainian Agriculture” on the 21th of March during which speakers tried to dispel the most common myths attributed to the Ukrainian agriculture by politicians, protesters and media in Europe.



Ucab Ukrainian farmers welcome a compromise proposal on extending EU trade preferences to Ukraine

The Ukrainian farmers and agriproducers, members of UCAB welcome a compromise proposal on extending EU trade preferences for Ukraine, reached yesterday evening at the trialogue consultations and confirmed today at the European Parliament INTA Committee. It is high time for the Member States to heed the opinion of the European Parliament and accept the compromise proposal.



Ucab UCAB, together with European agricultural associations, call on the European Parliament to reconsider the amendments on suspension of import duties and quotas

UCAB and leading European agricultural associations respectfully suggest reconsideration of the proposed amendments by the European Parliament about suspending import duties and quotas on Ukrainian agricultural exports to the EU, that were voted on 13th of March 2024.



Ucab Trade liberalisation with the EU is critical for Ukraine's survival and deterring the enemy, - UСAB

This week in Brussels is significant for Ukraine: there will be a new round of discussions regarding EU Regulation on autonomous trade measures (ATM) for Ukraine. Proposed amendments to the Regulation can worsen the economic, financial and social spheres of Ukraine and significantly affect the deterrence of russian aggression.



Ucab Ukrainian farmers are grateful to the European Parliament for a strong signal of support

UCAB welcomes the vote in the European Parliament international trade (INTA) committee taken today in Brussels to support the proposal of the European Commission to extend for another year the existing EU additional trade preferences for Ukraine.



Ucab Ukrainian farmers extremely concerned by EP AGRI Committee’s opinion on ATMs: if adopted, it will deny EU market access to Ukrainian exports

UCAB (Ukrainian Agribusiness Club) is extremely concerned with the Opinion of the European Parliament AGRI Committee, which was voted on February 26. The AGRI Committee’s opinion pushes for drastic limitations to the proposed roll-over of the EU autonomous trade preferences (ATMs) to Ukraine for 2024-2025.



Ucab EU - Ukraine relations in agriculture: stormy weather ahead?

Ukrainian Agribusiness Club together with UCABevent agency organized an online discussion “EU - Ukraine relations in agriculture: stormy weather ahead?” on the 23-th of February during which speakers shared their thoughts about the situation on the ground with Ukrainian agrifood exports to the EU countries, impact on Ukraine and the EU markets as well as the necessity to preserve existing EU trade preferences for Ukraine.



Ukrainian farmers call on the EU to preserve free trade for the sake of Ukraine's future

Association “Ukrainian Agribusiness Club” (UCAB) welcomed the historic decision of the European Council from 1 February, when all 27 EU member states gave the green light to the Ukraine Facility. This financial lifeline support tool from the EU gives Ukraine the much-needed confidence in its financial stability and ability to continue the fight for its independence and common European values against Russian aggression.



Leading Ukrainian agro-associations call on the European agricultural community for an open dialogue

UCAB, together with leading agricultural associations led by the Ukrainian National Agrarian Forum, are asking COPA COGECA, a leading voice of European agriculture, to maintain a dialogue with Ukrainian colleagues on issues of agricultural trade rather than to lobby the Commission to block imports in key Ukrainian agri-food products.

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