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24 January 2022



Ukrainians consume less dairy products than standard rate stipulates

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On the basis of the Association ‘Ukrainian Agribusiness Club’ a project ‘3 Dairy Products per Day’ has been launched in which four milk-processing companies joined together to dispel myths about dairy products.

This year the Association ‘Ukrainian Agribusiness Club’ is a full-fledged platform for implementation of the program ‘3 Dairy Products per Day’: ‘Since a purpose of UCAB foresees not only development of the agribusiness, but also the social responsibility which may in the long term perspective ensure sustainable development and healthy society, we accepted an offer of cooperation without hesitation. It is important for us to join the program which declares openly of low consumption of dairy products. We joined the program ‘3 Dairy Products per Day’ to facilitate conveying information to the Ukrainian that we ought to reconsider our consumption habits’, commented Taras Vysotskyi, General Director of the Association ‘Ukrainian Agribusiness Club’.

Failure of nutrition as well as nutritional deficiency have already led to the situation that life expectancy of the Ukrainians is 5-10 years shorter than in the European Union: ‘Consumption of dairy products in Ukraine is much lower than the standard rate, and if the situation is not remedied now, society will feel the consequences in future. A whole generation with calcium deficiency can grow affecting adversely the health of our society’, noted Taras Vysotskyi.

That is why four major milk producers in Ukraine continue to implement the program ‘3 Dairy Products per Day’ aimed at dispelling myths about dairy products, raising standards of milk production as well as promoting inclusion of dairy products into the diet of the Ukrainians.

In Ukraine the dairy products per capita are consumed less than in Europe and North America as well as less than established by scientifically justified standards. In the developed countries the level of consumption of milk and dairy products per capita is about 223 kg, while in the developing countries the level is almost 3 times less. The EU countries are leaders in consumption of milk and dairy products accounting for more than 26% in the structure of world consumption. India and the USA share the second place. In Ukraine the level of milk products consumption per capita in 2015 was 210 kg a year (in terms of liquid milk). However, the optimal consumption of milk according to the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine is 380 kg/year.

For reference. Within the framework of the program ‘3 Dairy Products per Day’ four leading milk-processing companies in Ukraine: Danone, Lactalis, Bel Shostka and PepsiCo are cooperating. The program is implemented with the support of Association of Dietologists of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine, Parliament’s Committee on Agrarian Policy and Land Issues, Association of Milk Producers, Ukrainian Agribusiness Club and manufacturer of aseptic equipment ‘TetraPak’.

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