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14 April 2024



UCAB insists on the inadmissibility of a ban on Ukrainian imports of agricultural products to some EU countries

UCAB categorically does not support the continuation of restrictive measures on the import of wheat, corn, rapeseed and sunflower seeds from Ukraine to Poland, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania and Bulgaria, since such actions are discriminatory and unreasonable in relation to Ukrainian agricultural products, and can negatively affect the economic recovery of Ukrainian farmers during the war.

News is spreading in the media that the EU has submitted a draft new regulation banning the import of agricultural products from Ukraine to five neighboring EU member states, according to which the restrictions will be in effect until September 15 this year. However, such an extension will neither solve the problems of local markets nor improve the situation of farmers.

UCAB notes that relevant decisions should be made only after detailed studies and consultations with all EU Member States, since according to the latest data, some neighboring EU Member States, in particular Poland, have been able to increase their export potential by importing cheaper Ukrainian agricultural products and internal processing, improved positions in the field of animal husbandry and finished products.

In addition, the situation is complicated by the sabotage of the "grain initiative" by Russia. According to preliminary forecasts, the current steps to ban the import of Ukrainian agricultural products to the EU may deepen the blackmailing of Russians over the operation of the "grain corridor".

Also, when making decisions on extending restrictions, one should also take into account the fact that this year Ukraine will have a smaller export potential: a decrease by a third in the volume of grain and oilseeds exports from Ukraine to 46 million tons per year is predicted.

UCAB is convinced that the existing trade restrictions on Ukrainian agricultural products in five EU countries should be lifted. At the same time, it is worth holding an open constructive dialogue between representatives of the Ukrainian and European agricultural communities in order to find compromise solutions that will help both the EU and Ukraine become stronger.

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