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03 June 2023

Agricultural Technologies Committee



The committee's activities are aimed at exchanging experience in organization and management of acricultural production processes. The main purpose is to ensure dialogue between agricultural producers and world producers and dealers of agricultural machinery; to organize and hold a series of events in order to demonstrate the most advanced agricultural technologies at the production capacities of agricultural holdings - members of UCAB


PRIORITIES [Updated: 28.07.2022]

 Demonstrations of advanced agricultural technologies in real field conditions;

 Improved communication between agroholdings and agricultural machinery manufacturers and dealers through joint field activities;

 Coordination of the exchange of useful information between members of the committee.



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Coordinator of the committee – Oleksandr Radchenko

  +38 (044) 298-00-90    [email protected]

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  • Agroresurs
  • Limagrain
  • Zeppelin
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  • MHP
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  • DuPont Pioneer
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